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The NHL in fifteen minutes: April 26, 2006

New Jersey (3) at New York (6)

Jagr's back! Lundqvist's back! And neither helped as Langenbrunner scored just one minute into the first period. It was a double suck for New York tonight as not only did Jagr – and everyone else on the Czech national team – fail to score on Brodeur, but Lundqvist let in 3 goals on 9 shots. You remember when you were a kid and you just wanted to win at that video game, just once, so you set it to two player mode, but only played one team? Yeah, this game was exactly like that.

GOOD: Brodeur recording his 21st playoff shut out.

BAD: Being a Rangers fan.

Final score: 3-0 New Jersey.

New Jersey leads the series 3-0.

Carolina (2) at Montreal (7)

First period: No score.
Crowd: Boo.

Zednik: Score!
Crowd: Cheers!
Koivu: OW MY EYE!
Referee: Would you like some cheese with that whine?
Crowd: Boo.

Crowd: (at 10:00) Cheers!
Brind'amour: (at 11:27) Score!
Crowd: Boo.

Referees: Huh? What? Oh, right, we call penalties. What do you mean some guy on Montreal got crosschecked?
Crowd: Boo.
Referees: Tomas "Dr Hook" Plekanec for hooking.
Crowd: Boo!
Staal: Scoooooooooore!


GOOD: The atmosphere in Montreal was unbelievable, showing the other teams a thing or two about playoff crowds.

BAD: The refs continue the double suck with two blatant non-calls on dangerous plays, one that resulted in Koivu leaving the game with an eye injury and not returning.

Final score: 2-1 Carolina.

Montreal leads the series 2-1.

Buffalo (4) at Philadelphia (5)

After getting slaughtered by Buffalo 8-2, Philly proved that the only team that's bending over in the playoffs is the Rangers. The Flyers answered every Sabres goal, and then some. Forsberg was impressive with a 3-point game (2G 1A), and the Flyers fans were impressive in their selective hearing, tossing out their hats when Gagne netted the 4th Philly goal of the game in an odd attempt at congratulating Forsberg. Philly fans also showed their lack of class when they booed Dumont (who recently returned from abdominal surgery) after he left the ice, injured, from a blatant attack by Gauthier.

GOOD: A great game for Forsberg and a much-needed win for the Flyers.

BAD: Gauthier and Philly fans' lack of class.

Final score: 4-2 Philly.

Buffalo leads the series 2-1.

Dallas (2) at Colorado (7)

It was the battle of 'who's got the worse goalie?' as Marty "my cat's breath smells like playoff loss" Turco and Jose "well, at least they're not trying to sell me on ebay this time" Theodore compete head to head. Colorado proved their strategy of team goaltending still works as they blocked 19 shots. To his credit, Theodore also stopped 19 shots (Dallas had 22 SOG). Though the game went into OT, neither team had to work that hard as Tanguay won it for the Avs 1:09 into the first OT period and Turco let in a soft goal in the 3 shots against.

GOOD: You probably weren't watching this game tonight.

BAD: Morrow's "defensive" "play" in the third that resulted in a man advantage for Colorado, allowing them to tie it up with 56 seconds left in the third.

Final score: 4-3 Colorado.

Colorado leads the series 3-0.


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